The Capitol Heights

First night playing!

Posted 06-12-2014

Recently, we began surveying local venues and bars that we could pick up our guitars and just play at. Some of the popular places seemed to be Ireland’s Four Courts, Gypsy Sally’s, and Madam’s Organ. Ireland’s Four Courts was our first victim and we had a blast! Check Instagram for a few pics of the evening.

When we first opened the venue’s door, we were happily greeted by a ukulele and trombone duo who were making some serious noise! Unfortunately, we didn’t catch their names. We strummed a few cover songs (Scissor Sisters, Old Crow, Counting Crows, Death Cab, etc.) to a decently sized Tuesday night crowd. The house’s equipment was good and we could actually hear ourselves on stage, which is always a concern when playing live. Josh’s batteries went dead at the beginning of the set so Kenny played a night-long solo on guitar. Note to self: bring batteries.

The event was put on by Brian Franke, who played an excellent set after we retired our wary souls for the evening. He can be found on the intertubes here. We will definitely be returning (if they will have us.)

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