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Monthly Playlist – July 2015

Posted 07-27-2015

What’s on The Capitol Heights’ playlist? July 2015 Edition

The theme for this month is – A little off

  1. The Head and the Heart – Lost in My Mind
    A little acoustic-ish number that makes us happy. OOOoo OOOooo….
  2. Crooked Still – Ain’t No Grave
    The chug-chug violin at the beginning is great and the banjo has a solid entrance, followed by a very pretty voice. The male harmony is just sugar on top. The banjo solo at the end is SERIOUS.
  3. Half Moon Run – Call Me in the Afternoon
    This gent’s voice reminds me a bit of The Lumineers, then the beat comes in and it’s a little more complex than what they would normally do. I really like the beginning of this song but not the end. .
  4. No Diggity – Blackstreet/Dr. Dre
    We totally didn’t see this in the Pitch Perfect movie or anything which made us want to listen.
  5. Band of Horses – No One’s Gonna Love You
    What a misleading title. EVERYONE loves us, and no other band is gonna love their fans like we do! #overlyattachedband (see our business cards)
  6. The Presidents of The United States of America – Peaches
    Spoiler Alert – We don’t really like peaches.. But – eh, this song is aight…
  7. Harvey Danger – Little Round Mirrors
    We all know that Flagpole Sitta song from Harvey Danger… but WOW – we came across this gem from the same band and thought it was so good! They definitely need some recognition for this track.
  8. Cake – Sick of You
    This one goes out to all of our fans… JUST KIDDING – more like – This goes out to YOU Catscan!
  9. PHOX – Slow Motion
    While sampling the Discover Weekly playlist via Spotify, Slow Motion by PHOX came on. It is like a continuous vocal solo. We also like the clarinet sprinkled in there.. It is truly a unique sound!
  10. The Pharcyde – Passin’ me By
    We at The Capitol Heights love old school. We love it even more when we hear an old one and say … Hey, didn’t that other song we know sample this? Listen and tell us what song sampled this one in the comments section below! You may get a prize!

Local track:

Matthew Shuster – You Could Tell Me

We met Matt at Iota Club a month or two back and he gave a great set! We’ve kept up with him and his music makin’ self and can’t wait to hear what comes in the future when his lazy ass gets out of school and starts makin’ music again. 🙂 You can find him on twitter at @mshustermusic3.

A spotify playlist with this month’s songs is available right here!

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