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Monthly Playlist – January 2016

Posted 01-29-2016

We apologize – we haven’t posted our monthly playlists lately but we do what we want. We had reasons. Anyway, so what’s on The Capitol Heights’ playlist? January 2016 Edition

  1. Trapdoor Social – Away
    4 on the floor baby. Clapping. Anthemic choruses. It’s a fun song. Good way to start a Friday morning.
  2. The Taxpayers – I Love You Like An Alcoholic
    We love a good metaphor, and these folks remind me of The Mountain Goats dripped in bluegrassey blues. It’s also nice when there’s male and female voices going back and forth.
  3. Hey Marseilles – To Travels and Trunks
    YAY SONGS THAT ARE AMBIGUOUSLY in 6/8 but sometimes sorta feel like they’re in 4/4. The lyrics are fun
  4. Bombadil – Sunny December
    Sort of a sad song, but we like how fast the lyrics are in this slow song.
  5. Big Data, Joywave – Dangerous (feat. Joywave) –
    We admittedly listened to this track at first because the artist is called Big Data and we’re both computer nerds.. There is a joke in the computer business that Big Data is a lot like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, but nobody is doing it. We think that joke is hilarious – but oh, how we have gone off topic. This song has this driving, sick hot bass that makes you want to get up and get dangerous.
  6. James Blake – Retrograde
    James Blake will make you pee yourself with his milky vocals. If that doesn’t get you to listen to his track then I don’t know what will. His off-scale sounding background vocals give this song an entrancing feeling. Real baby-making music.
  7. Pretty Lights – Finally Moving
    Oh who doesn’t love Adele? Adele is especially awesome when she is in a Calvin Klein-esque commercial sounding remix. BUT WAIT THERES MORE. The vinyl scratch makes the right kind of comeback in this one as well. Try not to nod your head and feel cool while walking the streets of D.C.
  8. Savoir Adore – Dreamers
    This song makes us feel like we just made it to outer space – or maybe we just got lost in the album art. This driving tune gives off a M83 feel in its own unique way. The track melds a dynamic range of sounds from 80s to trance.
  9. The Barr Brothers -Love Ain’t Enough
    We predict this song will be on a silver-screen soundtrack to the next big RomCom this summer. We can just hear it at the climax of the movie where the couple in question have the dramatic irony moment of not knowing the other is actually madly in love. Cue the shot/counter-shots of the two on their own thinking of what the other is thinking and going about their lives while this song is playing. Yes, they eventually get together at the end. Oh – SPOILER ALERT.. Are we too late?
  10. The Ready Set, Kitty – Trash Talking Love
    Wonderfully fun song with a great beat. We’ve been trash talkin’ love since middle school. Our only quibble with this song is that when the female begins singing, her voice is mixed a little low. It’s hard to hear her.

Local Artist:
Our local Artist of the month is Louisa Hall! We met her playing the 9 Songwriter Series a while back at Iota and we all shared the stage and had a great time. We love her tenor ukelele, witty lyrics, and ridiculous kazoos. And she makes some seriously awesome music! Unfortunately she doens’t have any studio albums out yet, but we eagerly await their arrival. We better keep an eye out on her homepage just to be sure.

A spotify playlist with this month’s songs is available right here!

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