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Monthly Playlist – March 2016

Posted 03-23-2016

What’s on The Capitol Heights’ playlist? March 2016 Edition.

  1. Swimming in the flood – Passion Pit
    We have always had a passion for Passion Pit (see what we did there?). This song is buried on one of their earlier albums and is a nice song that builds well on itself. We enjoy the counter melodies and vocal chords the most. (Side note Vocal Chords is an awesome name for a high school a capella group.)
  2. I Feel Fine – TWELVES
    Who doesn’t like to feel artsey from time to time? Well – you may not, but WE certainly do. For some reason this one compels us to put on leather clothes, colored glasses, and hit our nearest underground art gallery.
  3. Minnesota, WI – Bon Iver
    This one is on the list because we think Bon Iver stole our idea to name a song after a city. Just admit it Mr. Iver – you thought our idea was awesome!
  4. Song for no one – Mike Snow
    Pour yourself a cup of coffee and hit the books – or start your day. This friendly tune makes us smile with it’s up-beatness and happy tune..
  5. Don’t Move – Phantogram
    This song is a weird mix of indie and dubstep. We enjoy the vocal and old-style samples that make up the quick cut dubstep background interspersed throughout the song. Give it a listen – then you will understand.
  6. Aluna George – Your Drums, Your Love
    Our friend Gema showed us this track at work the other day and it’s been a contender in our heads ever since. The lyrics definitely sound like “your druuuumms…your druuuummsss….your drummms” not “your love”, but whatever. George’s english accent and that stylish piano in the background on certain points of the song are reason enough to give this track a close listen.
  7. Rilo Kelley – A Better Son/Daughter
    Although this song takes some time to get started with that “longer than it should be” lo-fi intro perfectly captures the sometimes a bit rough lows of being a musician and the all-to-excellent highs.
  8. C2C – Down The Road
    We’ve liked this blues / electronic track for some time! Why are there 90% naked women bouncing around a grown up McDonald’s play land? No idea. Stop asking questions and listen.
  9. Melanie Martinez – Sippy Cup
    Fun electronic sounds abound here, but this song is absolutely obnoxious. We get that. She says sippy cup WAY TOO MUCH and half the time it sounds like she is smiling while she’s saying it. Alas… this song has that stick in your head quality. Excellent production.
  10. Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s – Broadripple is Burning
    This is a chill song from a band that’s been kickin’ for years. It sounds a bit dreary, but the ethereal voice feels so good in this song. We have no idea why all the girls are huffin’ glue while the boys pick up chicks though. The female voice in the chorus is a great touch.

A big thanks to Gema for the track recommendation! If anyone else has somethin’ special they’d like to share, shoot it our way.

Local Artist:
We’re doing something a little different this month for our local artist. Dan Barry recently hooked us up with our new friend Antonio for his radio show Voices from the DMV. The show airs on Fridays at noon on WERA 96.7 FM. It’s pretty dope. We’re sharing the podcast/radio show’s first episode featuring Dan Barry for this month’s local track.

A spotify playlist with this month’s songs is available right here!

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