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Monthly Playlist – April 2016

Posted 04-22-2016

What’s on The Capitol Heights’ playlist? April 2016 Edition.

  1. Redshift by Darwin Deez
    If you don’t understand all of the scienc-y / Bill Nye-y references … Go watch an episode of Cosmos and give this a listen.
  2. Euphrates by Town of Saints
    Lots of fiddle and mumford-ish leanings, quick lyrics, upbeat. Yeah I can listen to this. I wanna “Say hello to people born in a different time.”
  3. 24-25 by Kings of Convenience
    This one is a nice acoustic easy-listening tune with two guys harmonizing. Kinda sounds familiar, doesn’t it?
  4. Take These Thoughts by Chris and Thomas
    This one is a nice acoustic easy-listening tune with two guys harmonizing. It’s like Deja-vu all over again, only this time it also has mandolin.
  5. Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra
    It took me till the second chorus to realize this song was sampled by Common (go check that out too). It’s hard to believe this song was made in 1977 with all of the synthesizers and whatnot.
  6. Heroes Get Remembered… by Four Year Strong
    Yes we do listen to music with electric guitars – we promise! The vocals in this song are mixed … differently. They are more in the background, and the rhythmic guitar chills right in your face the whole song. These guys remind me of Mayday Parade + New Found Glory.
  7. We The Common by Thao & and The Get Down Stay Down
    Nothing crazy unique about this indie / folk / pop song except it gels sooooo well. The odd banjo used in a pop setting and layered over itself is interesting. Also – weird name.
  8. Left Alone by Native Kinds
    No idea how we found this song. This band has like < 1000 listens on all their songs, but they sound like a less goth-emo version of Ghost Town. The dropout at 1:23 always gets me.
  9. Lava Glaciers by Riff Raff
    So, one of us was working while listening to Spotify and quietly thought – damn this is gangster. Little did we know the song was by Riff Raff. Who cares – it’s dope – the world should know. (plus it features Childish Gambino!)
  10. Could Have Been Me by The Struts
    The song doesn’t start out strong, but as it goes on, they bring the thunder. They’re very anthem arena rock taking a touch of Fun. It took a while to grow on me, but this track is diggable.

A big thanks to Gema for the track recommendation! If anyone else has somethin’ special they’d like to share, shoot it our way.

Local Artist:
No local track this week – we’ve been holed up in a room working on a very special project…

A spotify playlist with this month’s songs is available right here!

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