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Monthly Playlist – August 2016

Posted 09-01-2016

What’s on The Capitol Heights’ playlist? August 2016 Edition.

  1. Diddy Bop – Noname, Cam O’ Bi
    We love this track because it gives you that “down to earth” real feeling. The barely out of tune synth in the background and KRS-one like backbeat give it that old school feel that is sure to put you back in your old neighborhood.
  2. Agnes – The Glass Animals
    Our friend Bill recently told us about this album’s release – and we’re thankful. Agnes is the last album on the track and tells a compelling story in a radio ready, pop-infused dreamscape with themes of drug addiction and loss. Give the whole R&B / electronica / indie album a listen.
  3. Hero – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
    More known for their song featured in a Heineken commercial – “The Golden Age”, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour have a few more tricks up their sleeve. Hero is an end-of-the-day slow jam. The lead vocals are haunting and the big-band instrumentation in the background give this a late 70s feel.
  4. Mystery Fish – Aesop Rock
    Mystery Fish is the first single from Aesop Rock’s newest album ‘The Impossible Kid’. This guy’s words and rhythm fit each other like a glove. Sometimes he raps about intricate scenes and stories, this time it just seems to be a bunch of badass technologic and multi-syllable words. He’s purported to have the highest vocabulary in hip hop, and if you give it a listen you won’t be disappointed. See for yourself.
  5. Wait – M83
    We have always imagined this song in a movie. We can picture this playing just as all seems lost and the protagonist builds up the strength to keep moving. It could be a sci-fi movie, a film about war, or even a rom-com. It still fits!
  6. Express Yourself – Jon Batiste
    After that M83 song you may need some tissues – or this song. What a happy and upbeat tune this is. We heard this song when Jon Batiste featured it on a late show. He now plays with his band on Stephen Colbert’s late show.
  7. As We Ran – The National Parks
    Folkiness, mentions of geographic locations, and a chorus of trumpets – what we need for good music. You’ll find all of ’em here. The instrumental parts make this song and are what attracted us originally. They refrain is “We belong here in the Grand Tetons”. We had to look it up ’cause we both thought it was the GREAT Tetons.
  8. 4×4 Ever – Morgon Dorr
    This song says “4×4” way too much. It’s true. But it’s a song with enough build to psyche you up, especially if you’re going to be building something with 4x4s.
  9. Our Apartment – Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties
    This song tells a sad story, and it tell it very well. Guy and girl get into an argument: but it’s the small details like having lunch with her family that draws us in.
  10. Simple Song – The Shins
    Just about every part of the melody is something that sticks with you. The verse, bridge, and chorus combine in a great way and build on each other to create a really memorable song. Match that with The Shins sharp lead vocals and awesome songwriting ability and you have one of their greatest pieces of art to date.

Local Artist: Don Kim
We met Don playing a We Are the 9 show where he brought his video camera and started recording everything. Before long, he started threatening to beat children at the zoo during his music and we were hooked. We bought a couple of CDs, and went out to find him on the internet one day and we found out that he’s a legit internet personality! Check him, and the Queen of Akward Louisa Hall, out below and make sure you visit Don’s website!

A spotify playlist with this month’s songs is available right here!

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